-Monster Familiars: can be summoned using @familiar command

PQ Changes

- Visitor PQ nerf (EXP/drop)

- Boss PQ buff (heavily increased point gain, slightly increased NX gain)

- EXP from monsters nerf (e.g. Henesys PQ)

Boss Changes

- Manon/Griffey: timer changed to 30 minutes

- Manon/Griffey: players attempting the "Fourth job advancement" will get their own map for Manon/Griffey

- Master Monster Portals: added to a few more bosses (e.g. Riche, Tae Roon, Bamboo Warrior)

Other Changes

- Super Miracle Cubes have a (very small) chance of giving an equip 4 or 5 lines

Bug Fixes

- e.g. Ultimate Explorers, PVP... and more

- many disconnection issues with skills

- many skills themselves (e.g. Elemental Knights, Spirit Link, Evan skills, Arcane Aim, Homing Beacon, and more)

- previous Evans who have had to struggle without useful skills have had their masteries maxed for those skills