Nebulite Changes

- GMS Updates (Drop rate of Nebulite Boxes has been cut, introduction of Nebulite Gachapon, Fusion Ticket Pieces)

- You may speak to Bo the Socket Master to purchase Alien Socket Creators

- Nebulite Fusion has been added to all characters

Minor Tweaks

- Increased rewards for EBPQ, HBPQ and HeBPQ

- Cleanup of Achievement list - OX Quiz question cleanup

- Time limits between Xerxes, Ani bosses lowered

- New Beryl/Crimson Canes, Dual Bowguns and Cannons added

Core Changes and Bug Fixes

- Bosses that can be done in all channels are now solo able

- To combat GMS's change (making many scrolls untradeable or account sharable only), changed scrolls have been added to @offeruse and can be dropped freely as well

- Maximum of 20% item/meso drop increase per equipment (factoring in both Nebulite and potential)

- Chryse upper level limit removed (talk to Demos outside of Chryse to proceed with the quest line)

- Addition of GM skill rental and Additional Pendant Slots to Vote Point NPC

- Omok fix

- Cannoneer damage formula fixed ...and more