Cannoneer is a separate Pirate Explorer Class, similar to the Dual Blade, and he has a monkey companion for battle.


The Cannoneer was just a regular Beginner who was sailing on a ship to Maple Island and follow the process of the Beginner steps, until a Jr. Balrog appeared and started attacking the boat. The Cannoneer were unable to fight back, and eventually the Jr. Balrog knocked the Cannoneer far into the water where he nearly drowned. Fortunately, a monkey saved him and brought him to Coco Island.

After getting acquainted with the monkey, the Cannoneer meets Cutter, a Pirate and weapons designer who worked for the Nautilus and had created a Cannon, however during a test run and his ship accidentally ran into a rock and he found himself on the Island. The Cannoneer then searches out for food and comes across an ignition device to work the massive cannon that can launch them back to Nautilus Harbor. The Cannoneer along with the monkey are then recruited by the Pirates.


1st Job

2nd Job

3rd Job

4th Job




Cannon Trooper

Cannon Master

To view Cannoneer's skill list, click Icon-job-cannon shooter.

1st Job Advancement

2nd Job Advancement

3rd Job Advancement

4th Job Advancement