Skill changes

- Respective skill buffs and nerfs can be seen on the Final List of Skill Changes thread. Mercedes and Demon Slayers have had some nerfs removed.

Class changes

- Demon Slayers can now unequip their shield to cube the level 120 version. If a Demon Slayer loses their Force Shield somehow, it will be restored upon login.

Core changes

- The DOT system has been reworked. Instead of half of the damage happening when the DOT is placed, instead no damage will happen when the DOT is placed and all of the damage will happen at specific intervals until the damage is over.

Simplified example: If I did 1m damage of DOT (displayed on screen) with a skill that lasted for 10 seconds, 4m damage would happen after 4 seconds, another 4m would happen after 4 seconds and the last 2m damage would happen after the DOT is gone.

- You can now check what monsters drop an item using @checkdrop

Monster and Party Quest changes

- Custom party play mobs should now give much less NX upon kill

- Every monster except for custom party play mobs should now give much more NX upon kill

- Boss Party Quest (Easy and Normal) have been buffed

- All party members in Boss Party Quest will get rewards. (This is likely temporary, but for an indefinite amount of time)