Functionality Changes

- You will now be able to use @vote in game.

Core Changes

- The max level cap has been changed to level 250

- A quest line has been added for level 150 to 240. This questline will be required for Crimsonwood Keep

Party Quest Changes

- Boss Party Quest rewards have been toned down such that you will receive less NX and points if you are much below the highest level in the party.

- Boss Party Quest rewards will only be given to those who successfully hit the boss.

- EXP gain from Normal and Easy Boss Party Quest modes have been reduced slightly.

- Level 120+ Party Quests (e.g. Rex, Dragon Rider) now cap at level 250.

- Guild Quest has changed extremely significantly (Ergoth sees new game mechanics, accordingly being a level 230 monster)

- Crimsonwood Keep expedition is now the most difficult in the game, having monsters level 230-240.

Monster Changes

- Chaos bosses (e.g. Von Leon) have had their levels increased

- New mechanics have been introduced to certain bosses (including DOT immunity, damage absorb, invincibility, and different methods of killing altogether)

- DOT now will not apply to a monster if it has Immunity or Reflect buff on.

- Damage Reflect damage for altered bosses, including Chaos bosses, has been increased

- The frequency of skills being used for Chaos and Boosted monsters has been increased

- More monsters have been added to the Pokemon System.

- Cash gained from monsters will now distribute to the party.

Item Changes

- The equipments dropped by Crimsonwood Keep bosses have a new, unique method of upgrade these upgrades will lead to these equipments being the best in the game. Certain features such as permanently locked potentials will be included.

- Certain drops from changed monsters will contribute to these upgrades.

- Items dropped by the Crimsonwood Keep bosses will attribute to each character you will see drops differently from everyone else.

- Please note that these equipments will be untradeable and will stay untradeable.

Map Changes

- All non-Party Play areas in Ossyria Island, all parts of Ulu City and all parts of Crimsonwood Keep have had their levels altered significantly (channels 1-6)

- All theme dungeons (Chryse, Mushroom Castle, Kerning Square) have been made into Party Play areas for channels 1-6

- Crimsonwood Keep and Ulu City have been made into Party Play areas for channels 1-6

- You can now go to Happyville again.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks

- Speed Quiz has been fixed

- Auto ban has been changed to be stricter

- Certain monster movements have been corrected

- Pirate job advancement and certain areas in the Nautilus have been fixed. - Magic Throwing Knives and Armor-Piercing Bullets will be able to be recharged.