Class WarriorDragon Knight Skills
Skill 0th Job Novice
Skill 1st Job First Job Advancement
Skill 2nd Job Second Job Advancement
Skill 3rd Job Third Job Advancement
CrusaderWhite KnightDragon Knight
Skill 4th Job Fourth Job Advancement
HeroPaladinDark Knight


Icon Name Type Description
Skill Elemental Resistance Elemental Resistance Passive Increases your resistance to Elemental Attacks.
Skill Dragon Buster Dragon Buster Active Stabs an enemy in front of you multiple times.
Skill Dragon Fury Dragon Fury Active Swings your weapon in a large arc to attack nearby enemies. Hits up to 8 enemies at a time.
Skill Sacrifice Sacrifice Active Uses the hidden power of a dragon to deal an attack to one enemy that ignore an enemy's Defense by sacrificing your own HP. Does not ignore the DEF of bosses. Can only be used when your HP is 20% or above.
Skill Dragon Roar Dragon Roar Active Attacks multiple enemies with a chance to stun. Required Skill: Sacrifice Lv.3
Skill Magic Crash Magic Crash Active Has a chance to cancel all enemy buffs and prevent them from casting new buffs. [Cooldown: 1 min] Required Skill: Dragon Strength Lv. 3
Skill Dragon Strength Dragon Strength Active Greatly increases STR for a fixed period of time.
Skill Dragon Wisdom Dragon Wisdom Passive Increases Critical Rate and minimum Critical Damage. Has a chance to convert a portion of damage to HP for up to half of your HP.