Skill ChangesEdit

- changed on 'Final List of Skill Changes' thread

- Certain buffs to Aran/Evan have been removed

- Certain buffs to Corsairs/Buccaneers have been added

- You automatically gain the "Will of the Alliance" as well as "Regained Memory" (Arans) and "Inherited Will" (Evans) skills when you reach level 70

Boss ChangesEdit

- Arkarium Expedition and Chaos Arkarium have been added

- You must complete the 'Silent Crusade' quest line before attempting the boss

- Pink Zakum boss removed

Quest ChangesEdit

- 'Silent Crusade' quest line revamped

- Old Master Monster Portals will be available in addition to the new Mystic Gates

- Mystic Gates will require 15 minute intervals between bosses

- Old Silent Crusade equipments and scrolls will still be available through Wence in the Silent Crusade hide out

- Only bosses related to Silent Crusade will drop Crusader Coins