- Pokemon System released

- You can access the Pokemon System using @pokemon, and the pokedex using @pokedex

- You can gain many items from Battle Tower; the monsters now should be very similar to those of CrypticSEA at this time.

Map ChangesEdit

- Neo City, Elin Forest and Temple of Time have been changed - Channels 1-6: Party Bonus EXP on these maps and all monsters have had their HP/EXP boosted significantly as well.

- For Temple of Time, these boosted monsters will count as 10 monsters each on quest statuses. - All other channels: These monsters behave like normal. - Spawn rates have been slightly boosted for some maps. (e.g. Mysterious Path 3, Kerning Square, Temple of Time) - Future Henesys/Ereve has also been changed to partly a party play zone.

Boss ChangesEdit

- New bosses: Chaos Von Leon, Chaos Pink Bean, Chaos Cygnus - New boss: Pink Zakum

- Damage Reflect formula changed

- Pink Zakum nerfed (easier to kill)

Skill ChangesEdit

- Various skills have been changed. There are no nerfs; only buffs to certain classes. This is intentional. - Ancient Warding +5% damage (20% damage total now) - Ignis Roar +10 ATT (30 ATT total now) - Dark Metamorphosis' damage has been restored at half (5% or 15%, whatever you believe)

- Ignis Roar 40 ATT -> 20 ATT at max

- Ancient Warding has had its Damage % halved (reduction of ~15% at max level) - Dark Metamorphosis has had its Damage % taken off (reduction of ~10% at max level)

Bug FixesEdit

- Various tweaks have been added and bugs have been fixed.

- The usual, including Edelstein/NLC/Omega Sector map fixes and (possible) Vega's Scrolls fixes.

- Bugs with many bosses have also been fixed

- Putting throwing stars or bullets into a shop

- Heaven's Hammer fix

- Dark Metamorphosis' HP buff