NPC ChangesEdit

- Lucia, the Maple Leaf exchanger, has been revamped (EXP from leaves increased, much bigger selection in Maple items)

- Irwin will be able to rent weapons for a very small fee

PQ ChangesEdit

- Protect the Obelisk: No level limit, the monsters will match the average level of the party

- There will not be a party member limit of 4, either

Dojo ChangesEdit

- Party mode will be kept, except on Ranked mode

- Old belts as well as training points will also be kept; new belts will be permanent but will cost more Emblems

- NX, Willpower and Training Points will vary based on mode

- Mu Lung Ranking will reset every 24 hours

Monster Carnival ChangesEdit

- Monster Carnival 2 has been removed

- Monster Carnival has been changed so that you can enter the regular way, however the fields have been completely changed

- The fields will behave as per the new method, and the monster levels will change based on party level

- New rewards have been placed for Shiny Maple Coin

Equipment ChangesEdit

- Nebulite can be gotten from the monsters around NLC as well as from Pico (Only the Aliens drop the Nebulite boxes)

- Pico sells [D] class Nebulite for mesos rather than items

- Alien Cubes will have to be used to get more powerful Nebulite

- [S] class Nebulite will also be able to be gained from using Alien Cubes on [A] class Nebulite

Skill ChangesEdit

- As usual, affected classes will gain an SP Reset upon logging in; Evans gain their Dragon Flight skill naturally

- Characters blocked from creation can be created by making an Explorer and selecting the option that best suits your desire when logging in

- Magician nerf finally takes place (I/L and F/P nerf)

Map ChangesEdit

- The Party Play Bonus on Ellin Forest has expanded into its new maps (except for the Boss maps)

- A party of 2 will be needed to enter the boss maps

- Bigger Ben will still be available in NLC by entering the portal

Monster ChangesEdit

- Jaira now spawns in Jaguar Rooms 1-5 instead of just Room 1

- Snow White now spawns in Jaguar Rooms 6-10. It has the same spawn time as Jaira (24 hours after a server restart). It looks the same as Jaira. Capturing it will get you Snow White, however.

Bug FixesEdit

- Dark Metamorphosis disconnection issue

- Ring cubing WZ edit patched

- Bugs related to Fusing and Disassembling have been fixed

- GMS glitch: Mechanic's Siege Mode

- PIC checks (e.g. when gifting a Crush or Friendship Ring, when putting maintenance on a Hired Merchant) will now require the correct PIC

- Auto relogging when using Vicious Hammer removed, as well as Booster Pack

- Nebulite Skills should properly appear and disappear - "Trading Cash Items" with someone should actually do something now, even if its purpose is rather useless