Luck, a bit of dexterity, skill, and being quite cunning separates the Night Walkers from the rest. Though marked and assisted by the spirit of darkness, Umbra, Night Walkers put great importance in independence, which leads some to learn poison skills. Night Walkers serve justice in places where light does not reach, so those who are willing to serve in the shadows may become a Night Walker.

Night Walkers are the thief branch of the Cygnus Knights. They use claws to attack and posses great avoidability.

At level 10, players have the opportunity to become a Night Walker. They must speak to the tactician Neinheart in Ereve. Afterwards, just speak to Eckhart on the left part of the same map and he will advance you to a Night Walker.

Novice 1st Job 2nd Job 3rd Job
Noblesse Night Walker

To see Night Walker's skill list, click Class Thief.

1st Job Advancement

2nd Job Advancement

3rd Job Advancement