Phantom is one of the five heroes who sealed away the Black Mage and is part of the Thief branch.

Using a Cane and Throwing Cards, Phantom has the unique ability to steal Skills from other Explorers (except Dual Blades and Cannoneers) as well as from monsters.

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Thief Legend Phantom

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A century ago, he was famous among the wealthy merchants and noblemen. He deliberately left traces when stealing, and even then people did not even know who he was. They called him "Phantom".

Throughout the Maple World, Phantom was honored. However, the death of Aria, the Empress before Cygnus, with whom he had fallen in love with while trying to steal the great treasure of Ereve, caused him to join the Heroes to take revenge on the Black Mage. He seeked one of the heroes, Freud, for an invitation, and he was most welcome. After a fierce battle, he and the other four heroes sealed away the Black Mage and saved the Maple World. However, due to the curse inflicted by the Black Mage, all heroes except for Freud, who died in the battle, were trapped in ice and went into a deep sleep.

A hundred years later, Phantom reawakens from the curse. He infiltrates Ereve, where a meeting is being held. Hilla, a commander of the Black Wings poses as an Empress by showing a Skaia (a jewel said to glow in the hands of the Empress) that glows in her hands but doesn't glow in Cygnus's.

Luckily, Phantom comes to the rescue. He calls the Skaia held by Hilla a fake and destroys it, saying that the real Skaia is in his hands. This causes Hilla to back off and flee from Ereve. Phantom then gives Cygnus the real Skaia and returns to the Crystal Garden.

A friend who loved the Maple World has came back to defend the Maple World and battle the Black Mage a second time. The Phantom Thief has returned.

Relation with the Black Mage

Phantom was once one of the seven generals under the Black Mage by the name of Suoh. It was first mentioned he was once a of the Black Mage's Commanders when his picture was shown in Inkwell's Notebook. He bares a striking resembalence to another commander, Orchid, who is known to have a missing twin sibling. Perhaps he went "missing" when he sought revenge after the death of Aria.

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