Thunder Breakers (Striker) are one of the five paths offered to the Cygnus Knights. This class is essentially a Brawler (a Pirate branch) that uses lightning based attacks such as summoning a lightning spirit, imbuing knuckles with lightning for extra damage, and summoning sharks.

Due to it's Brawler origins, a Striker utilizes Pirate equipment and specializes in the use of Knuckles.

After choosing knights of cygnus at the character creating page, and becoming level 10, players have the option to become a Thunder Breaker. They must speak to the tactician Neinheart in Ereve. Afterwards, just speak to Hawkeye on the left part of the same map and he will advance you to a Thunder Breaker.

Novice 1st Job 2nd Job 3rd Job
Noblesse Thunder Breaker

To see Thunder Breaker's skill list, click Class Pirate.

1st Job Advancement

2nd Job Advancement

3rd Job Advancement